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Original Green

The Original Green Klingersil Sealing

Test Results

KLINGERSIL® materials are hard to beat. So, competitors have cleverly posed their compressed gasket materials as KLINGERSIL® green (C-4401). Of course, their offerings aren't equal in quality, performance or specification. And just because it's green doesn't mean it's KLINGERSIL®. To ensure you're getting what you want and need in your compressed gasket materials, whether green, gray, tan, black or white, look for the KLINGERSIL® logo repetitively printed on one side of the sheet. Then you'll know it's the Original KLINGERSIL®.

Quality Assured

The KLINGERSIL® logo imprinted on your gasket sheet is the best assurance of quality and performance. But if you're skeptical, ask your local Thermoseal sales representative for a live hot compression test. You'll see for yourself the difference between KLINGERSIL® and the other brands.

Hot Compression Test

A key factor in maintaining a seal is the load bearing properties of the gasket. This criteria can be observed using the KLINGER Hot Compression test, which applies both constant pressure and temperature. This measures the compression set of the product, including stress/creep relaxation resistance and reserve. You can see for yourself from the following photos that a product stating it's the same as KLINGERSIL® C-4401 is never true.

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