Thermoseal ML-N102 is a high performance synthetic fiber and nitrile butadiene binder gasket material with good resistance to refrigerants and lubricating oils. Its unique Multi-Layer Technology structure provides exceptional low flange pressure sealability with exceptional torque retention. Multi-Layer Technology sheet products consist of a reinforced high density core with conformable sealing layers on each side. Typical applications include heavy-duty diesel engines and compressors with intermittent operating temperatures up to 450° F (232° C).

Ref. Thickness of Measured Values



maximum 450° F (232° C)


maximum 1200 psi (8.3 MPa)

Density ASTM F1315

112 lbs/ft3 (1.8 g/cm³)

Compressibility ASTM F36J


Recovery ASTM F36J

minimum 50%

Weight Increase ASTM F146

After immersion in Fuel B for 5 hrs. at 73° (23° C)


maximum 10%

Thickness Increase ASTM F146

After immersion in ASTM Oil #1 for 5 hrs. at 300° F (149° C)

After immersion in Fuel A for 5 hrs. at 73° F (23° C)


0 - 5%

0 - 5%

Creep ASTM F38B (1/32")

maximum 20%

Sealability ASTM F37

<0.20 ml/hr

ASTM F104 Line Call Out


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