Milam Mica PSS 130

  • Type PSS
  • High Quality Mica Sheet
  • Laminated on Pegged Stainless Steel Insert

All Milam laminates are suitable for use in hot, dry gas applications such as exhaust manifolds, turbines, turbo chargers and air heat exchangers.

Compressibility ASTM F36A


Recovery ASTM F36A


Ignition LossDIN 52911


Stress Relaxation DIN 52913
50 MPa/300°C

4,786 psi

Stress Relaxation DIN 52913
40 MPa/300°C

4,061 psi

Tang Insert Stainless Steel Thickness

AISI 316 .004"

Continuous Service Temperature

1,652°F maximum

Gas Leakage DIN 3535/6

<100 ml/min


14,503 psi maximum



Thickness Tolerance

+/- 5% of nominal thickness

Sheet Sizes (Nominal)

47" x 40"


Metallic Tan

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