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Quality Assurance / Lab

A commitment to quality: Thermoseal's commitment to quality is backed by thousands of hours of scientific development, testing, analysis and improvement, along with a level of experience that is unmatched in the industry. Certification to the International Organization for Standardization - ISO 9001:2015, assures customers that Thermoseal is engaged in continuous improvement and that consistent and correct quality levels are maintained throughout all processes at Thermoseal. In addition, Thermoseal is actively involved in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and ASTM International Standards Worldwide (ASTM). View ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

On-site testing for maximum quality, performance and reliability: Thermoseal's commitment to quality and ongoing product improvement is perhaps best demonstrated in our on-site lab and scientific testing facilities, a rarity in the industry. Here, quality assurance specialists subject sealing materials to a battery of punishing tests. For example, one way to ensure the true reliability and performance of sealant material is to find out how and when the material might fail. So at Thermoseal, all materials endure destructive testing to ensure failure thresholds will meet or exceed specifications for the product. And, all testing adheres to strict ASTM, national and/or international specifications to ensure performance, reliability and continued quality.

Thermoseal's testing is also customer-driven. If a customer has an unusual application need, Thermoseal will do a developmental formulation and run extensive experiments in order to meet the application's particular properties. Or, if a customer is experiencing more severe conditions than typical tests can measure, Thermoseal will adjust the test to meet that specific challenge.